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Reiki Drumming And Reiki Drum Journey

Emotional Freedom Techniques – Tapping


Reiki in simplest terms is a system of assisting energetic movement to support healing, health and happiness. It was first channelled by Master Mikao Usui a Japanese practitioner of Tendai Buddhism and Shintoism, and has roots in early Taoism.

In his own words he described Reiki as ‘A method to achieve personal perfection’ This includes mind and body, emotional and spirit/soul. “Rei”- means universal, holy, spirit, mystery or nature spirit. “Ki” – also known as Chi or Qi, is recognised as the energy of life that is present in anything ‘alive’ and is the foundation for many other ancient spiritual practices. During the beautiful experience of receiving Reiki through a healing treatment with me, I will hold the space for each individual receiving the treatment and act at the channel for the Universal life force energy which brings healing and balance and oneness to the body and the mind.


Reiki Treatment – £44

Distance Reiki Healing -£33

60 minutes – Healing treatment and reflections in person or distance.


Naturally simple, its already a part of you..

Breath is, as we all know, something we all do automatically thousands of times every day of our lives.

Yet, learning to consciously control your breath is such a beautiful practice. It works on so many layers of both our conscious and subconscious minds. Psychologically, it returns our stressed nervous system to a felt sense of safety.

It removes us from ‘fight or flight’ mode which is where we leave the present moment and our bodies and function in a cycle of unconscious distress. We so often live in this space without even knowing it.

Our breath opens a unseen portal to our deep knowing, a connection to our inner selves and to our intuition which is lying beneath the layers of habits and patterns which we have accumulated throughout our lifetimes.

When we spend time being present with ourselves through breath practices, we can begin to understand and replenish ourselves, our lives and what we actually need to keep us feeling safe and to move through life with more ease and freedom.

Over thousands of years, many ancient traditions have used Breathwork practices in this way.

Now, modern science has also clearly revealed the positive effects this can have on creating new pathways in the brain and improving our overall health and wellbeing.

All this can be at our fingertips by using our own body’s resources. So simple and so natural.

Guided Breathwork session – £44

Distance Breathwork on zoom – £33

60 minutes – Therapeutic breathwork and guided relaxation.


Close your eyes and truly see…

Meditation is a beautiful way of supporting the transformation of your mind and body. A way of going inwards to sit with things, make peace with things, to explore and discover things.

Healing can occur with the uncovering of an understanding of our perceptions, not only in the mind but through the body and the ‘tuning in’ to the quiet voice of the soul. If we can to quieten the loud chatter of the stories of our mind, we can welcome true and acceptance of things and restore balance and harmony on many levels and bring ourselves back to our natural state of being.

Connecting regularly with the process of going inwards in this way, begins to help you move into freedom and shedding of old habits playing out on the screen of consciousness and offers in its place an expansive space for developing deep peace

inside yourself, a place you can always come back to and trust and completely and always.

Meditation deepens your spiritual connection and your relationship with your higher self or the understanding of the unseen. Giving you access to better physical and mental health and feelings of ease, flow and connection. Meditation can take so many approaches and experimenting with different techniques can have profound effects.


Guided Meditation Session £44

Distance Meditation on Zoom – £33

60 minutes – Guided meditation to suit your individual needs.

Outdoor Sessions

Finding the flow as a part of creation…

As Mother Earth experiences seasons, we too feel ourselves change.

As the sun, the creator God of life forever shines, we too create the new in every moment and shine it forth.

As we see degradation and regrowth in nature, we can choose to be present with these natural processes time and again in our own lives.

Without the old, there cannot be the new – yet they are one.

This is the knowledge of the old ways and is true of our lives today.

We are cyclical beings, in the image of and connected to the earth and to the cosmos. We feel this connection and vibration through our bodies.

All elements of creation exist within us. In our cells, our memories and in our timeless soul.

The waters of the universe flow through our human emotions.

As the element fire lights our hearts, the air moves into us through breath. Walking on and connecting with the lands we can find safety, wisdom, community and oneness – the joining of spirit with matter.

We are children here and we are also in the image of the mother. We are invited to discover long lost secrets and remember ancient knowledge at this time of awakening.

With our feet upon Gaia we look up to the stars and beyond. Keeping our senses alert and hearts open, we can tune into deep mysteries, which we have long felt disconnected from.

Breathing, moving and listening, magic can be found in our footsteps.

This has been known for millennia. Our indigenous ancestors knew this, it was their way- The old way.

Many peoples over many years have taken these intentional and connected steps.

Their steps tracing sacred lands near and far, where only those who seek can hear their echo.

One thing is certain these trackways remains, forever timeless and always imprinted.

Let us remember how to be at one with Earth and all its inhabitants.

Let us reconnect now with her life force and wisdom.

Let her way guide us as we walk together again.


Walking the Land Group outdoor Sessions 10.30-12.30pm

Held at locations close and easily accessible from Basingstoke town centre and all transport links.

£12 per person NB – If you are already booked for a block of in person classes these are included in the block at no extra cost.

Reiki Drumming And Reiki Drum Journey

The combination of Reiki and drumming creates the Reiki drum Technique, which uses the drum to introduce Reiki energy into a person’s energy field, inducing deep relaxation and an “alpha state” – brain waves that are associated with wellbeing and Euphoria. The drum works on a physical level to positively alter cortisol and blood pressure and will also increase the production of endorphins. Spiritually the vibrations encourage mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies to realign and become balanced and also creates shifts in our consciousness.

The Reiki Drum used as a healing treatment and can help you overcome and be free from emotional and mental blockages and can support the reprogramming of the subconscious mind. This can be beneficial when we feel like our thoughts are overwhelming us or we have deep rooted patterns that are no longer serving us that would like to release.

The Reiki Drum can also be used to ‘Journey’ to reclaim parts of the self that may have become fragmented through painful or traumatic life experiences or to help you transition through times where you may have lost some of your vital life force.

It is a wonderful way to reclaim back your own life energy and power with the support of beautiful Reiki energy so we can feel revitalised and ‘fill our own cup’ again where we may have become depleted and low in our own resources. It can also be a wonderful tool to Journey to seek guidance and support and messages.

Reiki Drumming Treatment – £55

90 minutes – Emotional and mental reprogramming with Reiki Drum and reflections


Reiki Drum Journey – £44

60 minutes – Including reflections.

Emotional Freedom Techniques – Tapping

Our emotions are energy and energy wants to flow. Experiencing and processing a full range of emotions is so healthy but sometimes it is really tough to express how we feel or we believe we feel too much or ‘cannot control our emotions’.

E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Techniques) uses very ancient energy understanding of the meridian system a concept from traditional Chinese medicine and knowledge from modern neuroscience to release blockages that can cause emotional disturbances and limit healthy balance and flow through the body.

Emotional blockages can occur in the meridians as overtime our brains have encoded memories from painful or difficult experiences which turn into emotional energy responses when triggered by current events that feel in our minds and bodies to be familiar to them.


Our subconscious mind and our body have a response in the moment to possible triggers before conscious awareness can rationalise the situation, when we are calm we forget the emotional response until something else triggers us and we have the same response and often wonder why. This pattern can be really hard to break and can cause

a build up of low frequency energy in the meridians which flow effects the flow of our life force and we can become unbalanced.

During EFT we tap using fingertips on certain places in the meridian system (situated just under the skin)

Tapping eliminates the negative emotional charges from the meridian points allowing any stagnet emotion to be acknowledged and processed by the body and the energy created to move and flow as it should.

During EFT we also weave in specific affirmative statements to the subconscious mind to create change at a cellular level, rewiring your neural pathways to enable new ways of processing emotions, which involves not controlling or hiding them but feeling safe to free and allow them to not only be present but also to move.


Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) -£44 – £55

90 minutes – Initial session which includes consultation and support to help you continue treating yourself at home between treatments in person.

60 minutes – Subsequent session

Group Classes

Meditation and Breathwork Classes

At Treatment Hub Basingstoke:


Friday Morning 10.30am to 11.30 am (except for the last Friday of every month)

Every Tuesday evening 7.45pm – 8.45 pm

£8.80 per class

£50 per block of 6

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